LED screen light source would

At present, many of the LED screen to the introduction of local regulations, but more than the nature of the industry management does not have the force of law. Insiders pointed out that LED advertising screens regulatory blind spots, although the introduction of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce advertising display management approach, but only provided their play content categories, and its brightness standards, resource tenure, nothing was said about the . "Only from the national level legislation to define these issues can be resolved." Interview, some members of the public to reporters reflect the LED screen will give visual interfering. Taxi company in Nanjing in the North (000,421, stock it) the driver Huxiao red Fortunately, the LED screen during the day and evening looks dazzling. A traffic police on duty LED screen certainly interfere traffic, some drivers, passers-by will not consciously see it, distracted. Previously, the light pollution generated by the LED advertising screen, media more than has been reported. In this regard, the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department Environmental Supervision Bureau, said Zhang Lei, national light pollution regulators in a vacuum, there is no clear standard and the basis for enforcement. Maliang Qi admits LED screen light source would certainly have some impact to the environment, but whether the degree of "light pollution" is difficult to define. . Nanjing has large LED screen established rules: Following the 2009 introduction of outdoor electronic display settings regulations last year, the purposes of outdoor advertisement management approach. Under these provisions, Nanjing main city is divided into large LED screen control area forbidden divided into districts, exhibition area. LED big screen for the public to reflect the light pollution, Nanjing provisions, requirements brightness during the day and not higher than 500 candelas at night is not higher than 200 candelas.